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New Visitor

Your First Visit:

If you have a Bible, bring it. If you don’t have a Bible, we have extra Bibles for you to use.

We have Bible Classes for all ages on Sunday morning from 9:30am-10:15am. All Bible classes are located downstairs in various classrooms.

After the Bible Classes we assemble upstairs in the main auditorium for our worship services. It starts at 10:30am. Our worship service consists of acappella singing, prayer, Bible readings, partaking in the Lord’s Supper, a collection of money and a practical, life-impacting sermon. We have many different men participate in each service. We use an overhead projector system for the songs and Bible readings. If you want to use a song book, those are available too. We conclude the service somewhere between 12:00 pm and 12:30pm.

On the first Sunday of each month, we then assemble downstairs from 12:30 to around 2:30pm to share our fellowship meal. This isn't just a time to eat and drink, but a time to encougage each other, cry together, laugh together and pray for each other. We are a family that longs to love each other. Those who need extra food for the week are encouraged to take food home with them. If you are visiting, please accept our invitation - stay and let us get to know you better.

Sunday evenings we have Life Group Bible Study meetings. They meet starting at 6pm in various cities including Fircrest and Lakewood.

We also meet on Wednesday evening (downstairs) at 7pm for singing and a Bible class.